Sunday, 26 September 2010

Team Alpha's second mining operation...

YC 112.09.26 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

Team Alpha's second mining operation was executed yesterday with great success. It was carried out in the system of Umokka at around 22:00 and the operation lasted for 2hours.

Please speak to Emb3r Genus if you are interested in joining our Industrial Division.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Recon Squadron Officer...

YC 112.09.22 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It is with great pleasure to annouce to you all the promotion of Draco Lunatis to become our first Recon Officer under the leadership of Admiral Spade.
"Stealthy, fearless, fast, deadly. Insane. These are the qualities of the reconnaissance pilot. Whether scouting ahead of the main fighting force or blinding the enemy with electronic countermeasures, our job is never easy. We are support troops. We will never be at the controls the largest vessels, our skill training program is mind numbing, the kill and the glory associated with it will likely not belong to us, we will be content only when we find ourselves alone deep into hostile territory yet if we were to cry for help none would arrive. But it is you who will be doing the screaming. You fear what you do not see. You will fear us."
-Draco Lunatis (Rogue Raiders Recon Officer)
On his first day in office, Draco launched recon squad's recruitment bulletin available to any Rogue Raiders pilots that are interested.
---- Bulletin Begins ----
Fellow Rogue Raiders! Our fleet is looking for Recon volunteers!

It won't be easy. It will take time. Recruits will agree to adhere to a strict skill training plan designed to earn them the title of Force Reconnaissance Pilot. We will train to be electronic warfare specialists first and, as our leaders authorize it, cloaking device operators and more. We will be the eyes and ears of the fleet as we observe and report on enemy strength and composition. When the crap hits the fan we'll be there to incapacitate the enemy while our fleet comrades smite them. We will need to be fast and smart. It won't be easy.

Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to make the sacrifice? Ready to dedicate your life to the difficult, dangerous and thankless duty of the Recon Pilot? Cast aside your fears and send Draco Lunatis or any Officer a message via in-game mail if you wish to join.

Draco Lunatis
Recon Squadron
---- End Bulletin ----
On behalf of Rogue Raiders Corporation, congratulations Draco and good luck!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Temporary office closed...

YC 112.09.20 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

We have decided to close our temporary office located in Unpas VIII - Moon 11 - Prompt Delivery Storage due to inactivity. The station manager will no longer be accepting items as of today.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Operation Jumpgate...

YC 112.09.18 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

Today  18th of September YC 112 at exactly 22.00Hrs Operation Jumpgate was carried out with a complete success. The Rogue Raiders Fleet executed their first Basic Military Exercise in the system of Senda planet V, Anttanen constellation.

The evening began with the forming of team A (Argonauts) and team B (Beowulf). Argonauts was led by Admiral Spade while the Beowulf team by Ratzovik Staklinch. The two military commander began briefing their fleet members 15mins past 22.00Hrs and at exactly 22.35Hrs the combat exercise commenced.

Team Argonauts dominated the field with Admiral Spade's evasive maneuvers and his team's cunning tactics. It was a quick first match and Ratzovik Staklinch was quickly in his pod after being primaried by the opposing team's fleet commander.

Noticeable also are the effective use of electronic warfare modules by Samhan Death2, preventing locks to his team, and Argonauts good use of logistics hindered Beowulf's shield repping techniques almost useless.

This exercise has brought Rogue Raiders Fleet one step closer to their goal. By introducing teamplay and practice each pilot learned at an early stage what to expect and adapt to a combat situation. Operation Jumpgate is only one of the many combat exercise planned by it's leaders to help each pilot advance on their military career.

On behalf of the officers of Rogue Raiders Corporation I would like to give thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Team A for blowing up Bismarck Hoxillian a couple of times! I also would like to give credit to Rick Spade for his superior skills in the field and Emb3r Genus for shipping the Merlin Frigates to the system. (Sorry Sam I know you were looking forward to shooting him but maybe next time).

Well done to everyone and looking forward to our next exercise. Good luck to Rogue Raiders Corporation!

Team Argonauts
Rick Spade
Boguz Roguemage
Samhan Death2

Team Beowulf
Ratzovik Staklinch
Bismarck Hoxillian
Nix H
Emb3r Genus

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Senda solarsystem...

YC 112.09.15 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

The temperate planet of Senda V located in the Senda solarsystem, Anttanen Constellation in The Forge region will play host to our first ever Rogue Raiders basic military exercise called Operation Jumpgate.

Authorization to carry out Rogue Raiders combat maneuvers was requested Monday the 13th and after clearing all neccessary documents and security checks was today approved by Concord.

Admiral Spade had also instructed a few military personnel to begin planning their safe routes to the system for the exercise.

The date and time for Operation Jumpgate had also been set to commence at 22:00EST (EVE Standard Time) Saturday the 18th YC 112. All Rogue Raiders combat pilots participants are requested to begin transporting their weapons and modules to State War Academy station in the Senda solarsystem.

Aerin Schneiner will announce further details via corporation mail and bookmarks will be provided between 21.00-21.30Hrs on the day.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It is ready...

YC 112.09.15 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

This evening I recieved a confirmation from Officer Genus that the Merlin Frigates are now ready for transport to the system where Operation Jumpgate will take place...

"Good evening Aerin, the Merlins are now ready and awaiting collection." Emb3r happily reported. "Excellent! The Admiral will undoubtly be pleased!" I replied. Orders were then sent to our able pilots to begin transporting the ships.

Scyth Darkhope, Boguz Roguemage and Samhan Death2 responded swiftly to help with moving the ships to the system of Senda.

Upon arriving in Umokka where the ships are being kept, one of the pilot tasked to help with the move noticed something. "I'd like to lodge a formal complaint. The Merlins windows are dirty and I can't see fudge all!" Samhan commented after boarding one of the Merlin ship. Officer Genus quickly reprimanded one of his production assistant and ordered Sam's Merlin be cleaned to his standard.

All frigates arrived successfully and preparations are now in order for the combat exercise.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Operation jumpgate's basic details...

YC 112.09.14 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

The Merlin is the most powerful all-out combat frigate of the Caldari.

This will be the description you will find on the market describing the Merlin Frigate Class ship of the Caldari State and Rogue Raiders first Basic Military Exercise intends to prove it.

Admiral Spade and Officer Genus walked in to the office. The Admiral looking very sexy in his full military uniform and the officer standing next to him was quiet but surprisingly charming.

"Good morning Admiral!"
I saluted. "And you too Aerin. Is Ratz in? I would like to speak to him if he's free?" Rick responded. "He is sir! Is Officer Emb3r be joining you as well?" I nervously asked. The Admiral gave a light nod, walked in and sat down. I made the Commander aware of the Admiral's arrival and we all walked inside the conference room.

We all discussed Operation Jumpgate's basic details for about an hour regarding which type of frigates to use, where and how it will be carried out.

When the meeting was ended 8,000,000.00 ISK was wired into officer Emb3r's account to produce these frigates as the Merlin was selected by the Admiral to be the primary choice for the combat exercise.

All that remains now is the complete list of the pilots participating in this exercise and when.

I was given a deadline to produce the full list by the end of tomorrow before announcing the Operation's last few details.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Debts and taxes...

YC 112.09.13 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

If you've ever visited our temporary office in Unpas VIII - Moon 11 - Prompt Delivery station you will agree that this place is in dire need of some refurbishments. It's already rusted walls are also filled with vandals and all sorts of stains I can only assume came from it's previous residents.

As I sat here admiring the sweet and very funky look of my office going through all the office rental bills, recruitment transmission fees and even future projects and proposals I began to wonder...

We can no longer rely on member donations. As our Corporation grow bigger so does our debts and operational cost. How are we to fund these regular Military Exercises and or future projects? How are we to help our own members if we haven't any means of income ourselves?

So many questions but only one solution. Taxes.

I therefore wrote a formal letter asking our Commander and Officers to approve a 5.0% Corporate tax and be impose immediately before we run in to some serious debts and financial troubles.

With reasonable funds and constant flow of income we can guarantee that our Corporation stays financially stable, highly active and able to provide support when needed.

Everything has a price. Everything is our goal.

Notes: Default tax for NPC Corporations are set to 11.0%. Ours is 5.0%.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

And so it begins...

YC 112.09.12 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It was a calm and quiet morning in the office. Most of our members are going about their normal day to day activities, miners are mining and Admiral Spade is out with a group of young pilots carrying out their duties. I am at my desk hunting new recruits and scanning through the recruitment channel when I received a mail from high command subject titled "Operation Jumpgate". Curious as to what this mystery operation is all about and unable to find answers anywhere in my journal, I opened a private channel to the Commander and began inquiring.

"Sir, why is this called Jumpgate?" I curiously asked. "A jumpgate is a device to create a portal allowing fast travel in between two points in space." The Commander teasingly replied. "Uhmmm yeah but I still don't get why it's called that!?" I quickly asked. He then looked at me, smiled and calmly explained in his own weird and informative way.

It finally made sense. A jumpgate is a way of risk. Most pilots never know what awaits on the other side  of a jumpgate yet most jump through anyway. It is an idiom similar to crossing the point of no return. As combat pilots you must always know that once the shooting starts the only way it'll stop is if either yourself or your target is dead.

Completely satisfied with his answers, I now felt worthy of its details. I slowly opened the mail, and it read;

Operation Jumpgate
From: Ratzovik Staklinch, Supreme Commander Of The Rogue Raiders
To: Rogue Raiders Fleet

Our Corporation had grown rapidly with the additions of our new recruits. We, the Rogue Raiders Corporation, are now in the position to begin planning our military expansion and ensure that our military remains stronger, comparable to any members of the Caldari State Faction. Over the next few days, we will commence Basic Military Exercise to better improve the knowledge you've already gained, and help motivate each and everyone of you so that we all remain focused on our goals.
Full details will be provided by Aerin Schneider via corporate mail.
Operation Jumpgate is a combat exercise.

A pilot must learn when to fire his guns effectively. For when you start shooting, just like jumping through a gate, you are risking it all.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Team Alpha's office...

YC 112.09.09 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

Yesterday, YC 112.09.08 - At around 14:26hrs, Operation Rock's Rock was carried out in the system of Umokka - Belt X-IV. This was the first mining operation lead by our Industrial Offcers Emb3r and Nihilus.

In light to thier team's first mining operation success, it's officers have decided to open up their own area of operations at Umokka X - Moon 12 - Minedrill Mining Outpost.

The office rental fee was agreed with the station manager at 132,414.00 ISK per 30 days of use.

Access to the corporation hangar will only be granted upon request. Please send either myself, Emb3r Genus or Nihilus Marcett a mail if you need to use it.

Team Alpha are still looking for more miners so please speak to our Industrial Officers if any of you are interested.

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Industrial Officers...

YC 112.09.08 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It is vital that every Corporation have their own means of solid income and stable logistics. It is therefore my great pleasure and privilege to announce to you all the promotion of our comrades Nihilus Marcett and Emb3r Genus to the ranks of an Industrial Officer.

The plan is for them to train and acquire all the skills required to improve their knowledge of the New Eden market and manipulate it to our advantage. Their responsibility also includes forming our industrial division and maintain the stability of our thriving economy.

If anyone is interested and or willing to join their team, please do not hesitate to contact them at your earliest convenience.

Again, congratulations to the both of you and keep it up soldier!

Temporary Rogue Raiders Office...

YC 112.09.08 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It's been a good week for Rogue Raiders Corporation. Our numbers quickly grew and we have also received donations from a number of pilots to help our cause. The funds we had received has enabled us to setup a temporary office and headquarters in the system of Unpas.

After a short and brief discussion with the station manager of Prompt Delivery Corporation a contract was successfully signed to allow us to use one of their available hangars at Unpas VIII - Moon 11. The rental fee was agreed at 10,000.00 ISK per 30 days of use.

Our corporation hangar is now open to any member who wants to donate old modules or ships they no longer use to help out some of our newer pilots.

Thank you all very much for your patience and co-operation!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

An offer of friendship...

YC 112.09.07 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director
I get mails. I get plenty of rubbish and useless mails everyday.

As a recruitment officer it also my responsibility to send out letters of recruitment offer to possible recruits. 

Occasionally, I will get some pilot responding with hating spammers and or they are not interested and pretty soon you'd get used to having 20 plus mails everyday! One look and you know whether it is an interesting mail or it something that isn't worth your time.

On the 7th of September, YC 112 I received "The Letter" and this one is something I don't see everyday. This one is also not for me. It read...
To the CEO of Rogue Raiders,

Earlier I recieved an invitation to join your coporation. While I do appreciate the offer, I have my own desires and reasons to form my own. However, your corporation goals is of peak interest to me and similar to mine. I too would like to someday move out into nullsec and begin gaining income from all the possibilites there. Also, I will be getting into Dust 514, which will have an impact into sovreignty.

I will be willing to front the cost of starting an Alliance, which is from what I hear 1 billion ISK. Getting the money for this endeavor is of no concern. I do not have it now, but I can in the near future. I can also work on the skill necessary to start the alliance. Also, I will work greatly in supporting your corporation with any trade or financial support if need be. You guys seem pretty legitimate in your corporation description.

If you are interested in forming an alliance; want the same things as I do, be a council member of an alliance, and have the future desires of having sovreignty is nullsec, please respond back with your interest. There is no need to decide now of course. Plenty of time to think it over.

Best Regards,
Ryllen Wolfe
I showed Ratz the letter and soon a private conversation began between himself and the sender.

Ratz remained locked in his office for at least an hour. When he came out he told me that a certain pilot named Ryllen Wolfe is on his way to the office and that I am to process his application to join this Corporation.

I was then told that all precaution and concerns will be taken into consideration yet for now we are to welcome the said pilot like a brother. It is too early to tell whether this venture will last nor the said offer be true, but one thing remains certain and that is for now the more friends we have the bigger our chances of survival will be. I have always trusted the commander so I guess that is all that matters at time.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Welcome to Rogue Raiders Corporation...

YC 112.08.26 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

"Hello Sir! I heard you were looking for a personal secretary?" These are the very first words that came out of my mouth when I met with Ratzovik Staklinch at an office located in the New Caldari Prime.

I had just recently graduated from Science And Trade Institute located in Amsen VI - Moon 1 when I received a letter from Mr Staklinch asking if I would be interested to join them. Now I have never been asked by anyone, personally, let alone the CEO himself to join a Corporation so I was very excited when I got a mail from him. Just within a few minutes after reading the mail I hastily opened a private channel and told him that I am interested and that I would be available for lunch. Luckily he wasn't busy himself and agreed to meet me right after his first appointment.

"Good afternoon Aerin!" I was greeted with a calm but firm voice of Ratzovik Staklinch. He's just finished talking to another high ranking military officer who I later found out was none other than Rick Spade the current Admiral of Rogue Raiders Fleet. I knew that he was working for the military as he was in full military uniform and looked very serious.

"Hello Sir! I heard you were looking for a personal secretary?" I nervously asked. He smiled and jokingly told me that the position has been filled and pointed at Rick who was just sitting next to him. Shocked and dissapointed I didn't know how to respond. I started by saying thanks for their time and that I will be more punctual and speedy in responding to mails in the future.

As I paused thinking of what else to say, Ratz and Rick smiled, reached my hand and said "Welcome to Rogue Raiders Corporation!". Again I am shocked but this time I am no longer dissapointed but more like confused. I later found out that Ratz have decided to put me on a more involved and senior role of Public Relations Director for effectively holding my emotions against unexpected situations. We all laughed and Rick shook my hand and commented that he would've shot Ratz instantly if he was in my situation and if Ratz ever pull the same prank.

All three of us sat down comfortably and continued discussing the future of Rogue Raiders Corporation. I was also tasked to recruit new pilots and be Ratz personal assistant. I accepted.

After my interview I signed my application, was approved by Ratz himself and by 13.51 on the 26th of August YC 112 I was officially the Director Of Public Relations for the Rogue Raiders Corporation.

"Tell us what you do best and we shall make use of it! Join us and together we will bring chaos and destruction." -Aerin Schneider, 1st Rogue Raiders Recruitment Officer-

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