Thursday, 26 August 2010

Welcome to Rogue Raiders Corporation...

YC 112.08.26 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

"Hello Sir! I heard you were looking for a personal secretary?" These are the very first words that came out of my mouth when I met with Ratzovik Staklinch at an office located in the New Caldari Prime.

I had just recently graduated from Science And Trade Institute located in Amsen VI - Moon 1 when I received a letter from Mr Staklinch asking if I would be interested to join them. Now I have never been asked by anyone, personally, let alone the CEO himself to join a Corporation so I was very excited when I got a mail from him. Just within a few minutes after reading the mail I hastily opened a private channel and told him that I am interested and that I would be available for lunch. Luckily he wasn't busy himself and agreed to meet me right after his first appointment.

"Good afternoon Aerin!" I was greeted with a calm but firm voice of Ratzovik Staklinch. He's just finished talking to another high ranking military officer who I later found out was none other than Rick Spade the current Admiral of Rogue Raiders Fleet. I knew that he was working for the military as he was in full military uniform and looked very serious.

"Hello Sir! I heard you were looking for a personal secretary?" I nervously asked. He smiled and jokingly told me that the position has been filled and pointed at Rick who was just sitting next to him. Shocked and dissapointed I didn't know how to respond. I started by saying thanks for their time and that I will be more punctual and speedy in responding to mails in the future.

As I paused thinking of what else to say, Ratz and Rick smiled, reached my hand and said "Welcome to Rogue Raiders Corporation!". Again I am shocked but this time I am no longer dissapointed but more like confused. I later found out that Ratz have decided to put me on a more involved and senior role of Public Relations Director for effectively holding my emotions against unexpected situations. We all laughed and Rick shook my hand and commented that he would've shot Ratz instantly if he was in my situation and if Ratz ever pull the same prank.

All three of us sat down comfortably and continued discussing the future of Rogue Raiders Corporation. I was also tasked to recruit new pilots and be Ratz personal assistant. I accepted.

After my interview I signed my application, was approved by Ratz himself and by 13.51 on the 26th of August YC 112 I was officially the Director Of Public Relations for the Rogue Raiders Corporation.

"Tell us what you do best and we shall make use of it! Join us and together we will bring chaos and destruction." -Aerin Schneider, 1st Rogue Raiders Recruitment Officer-

This journal record is also linked to Rogue Raiders rise to power..

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