Tuesday, 7 September 2010

An offer of friendship...

YC 112.09.07 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director
I get mails. I get plenty of rubbish and useless mails everyday.

As a recruitment officer it also my responsibility to send out letters of recruitment offer to possible recruits. 

Occasionally, I will get some pilot responding with hating spammers and or they are not interested and pretty soon you'd get used to having 20 plus mails everyday! One look and you know whether it is an interesting mail or it something that isn't worth your time.

On the 7th of September, YC 112 I received "The Letter" and this one is something I don't see everyday. This one is also not for me. It read...
To the CEO of Rogue Raiders,

Earlier I recieved an invitation to join your coporation. While I do appreciate the offer, I have my own desires and reasons to form my own. However, your corporation goals is of peak interest to me and similar to mine. I too would like to someday move out into nullsec and begin gaining income from all the possibilites there. Also, I will be getting into Dust 514, which will have an impact into sovreignty.

I will be willing to front the cost of starting an Alliance, which is from what I hear 1 billion ISK. Getting the money for this endeavor is of no concern. I do not have it now, but I can in the near future. I can also work on the skill necessary to start the alliance. Also, I will work greatly in supporting your corporation with any trade or financial support if need be. You guys seem pretty legitimate in your corporation description.

If you are interested in forming an alliance; want the same things as I do, be a council member of an alliance, and have the future desires of having sovreignty is nullsec, please respond back with your interest. There is no need to decide now of course. Plenty of time to think it over.

Best Regards,
Ryllen Wolfe
I showed Ratz the letter and soon a private conversation began between himself and the sender.

Ratz remained locked in his office for at least an hour. When he came out he told me that a certain pilot named Ryllen Wolfe is on his way to the office and that I am to process his application to join this Corporation.

I was then told that all precaution and concerns will be taken into consideration yet for now we are to welcome the said pilot like a brother. It is too early to tell whether this venture will last nor the said offer be true, but one thing remains certain and that is for now the more friends we have the bigger our chances of survival will be. I have always trusted the commander so I guess that is all that matters at time.

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