Sunday, 12 September 2010

And so it begins...

YC 112.09.12 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It was a calm and quiet morning in the office. Most of our members are going about their normal day to day activities, miners are mining and Admiral Spade is out with a group of young pilots carrying out their duties. I am at my desk hunting new recruits and scanning through the recruitment channel when I received a mail from high command subject titled "Operation Jumpgate". Curious as to what this mystery operation is all about and unable to find answers anywhere in my journal, I opened a private channel to the Commander and began inquiring.

"Sir, why is this called Jumpgate?" I curiously asked. "A jumpgate is a device to create a portal allowing fast travel in between two points in space." The Commander teasingly replied. "Uhmmm yeah but I still don't get why it's called that!?" I quickly asked. He then looked at me, smiled and calmly explained in his own weird and informative way.

It finally made sense. A jumpgate is a way of risk. Most pilots never know what awaits on the other side  of a jumpgate yet most jump through anyway. It is an idiom similar to crossing the point of no return. As combat pilots you must always know that once the shooting starts the only way it'll stop is if either yourself or your target is dead.

Completely satisfied with his answers, I now felt worthy of its details. I slowly opened the mail, and it read;

Operation Jumpgate
From: Ratzovik Staklinch, Supreme Commander Of The Rogue Raiders
To: Rogue Raiders Fleet

Our Corporation had grown rapidly with the additions of our new recruits. We, the Rogue Raiders Corporation, are now in the position to begin planning our military expansion and ensure that our military remains stronger, comparable to any members of the Caldari State Faction. Over the next few days, we will commence Basic Military Exercise to better improve the knowledge you've already gained, and help motivate each and everyone of you so that we all remain focused on our goals.
Full details will be provided by Aerin Schneider via corporate mail.
Operation Jumpgate is a combat exercise.

A pilot must learn when to fire his guns effectively. For when you start shooting, just like jumping through a gate, you are risking it all.

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