Saturday, 18 September 2010

Operation Jumpgate...

YC 112.09.18 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

Today  18th of September YC 112 at exactly 22.00Hrs Operation Jumpgate was carried out with a complete success. The Rogue Raiders Fleet executed their first Basic Military Exercise in the system of Senda planet V, Anttanen constellation.

The evening began with the forming of team A (Argonauts) and team B (Beowulf). Argonauts was led by Admiral Spade while the Beowulf team by Ratzovik Staklinch. The two military commander began briefing their fleet members 15mins past 22.00Hrs and at exactly 22.35Hrs the combat exercise commenced.

Team Argonauts dominated the field with Admiral Spade's evasive maneuvers and his team's cunning tactics. It was a quick first match and Ratzovik Staklinch was quickly in his pod after being primaried by the opposing team's fleet commander.

Noticeable also are the effective use of electronic warfare modules by Samhan Death2, preventing locks to his team, and Argonauts good use of logistics hindered Beowulf's shield repping techniques almost useless.

This exercise has brought Rogue Raiders Fleet one step closer to their goal. By introducing teamplay and practice each pilot learned at an early stage what to expect and adapt to a combat situation. Operation Jumpgate is only one of the many combat exercise planned by it's leaders to help each pilot advance on their military career.

On behalf of the officers of Rogue Raiders Corporation I would like to give thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Team A for blowing up Bismarck Hoxillian a couple of times! I also would like to give credit to Rick Spade for his superior skills in the field and Emb3r Genus for shipping the Merlin Frigates to the system. (Sorry Sam I know you were looking forward to shooting him but maybe next time).

Well done to everyone and looking forward to our next exercise. Good luck to Rogue Raiders Corporation!

Team Argonauts
Rick Spade
Boguz Roguemage
Samhan Death2

Team Beowulf
Ratzovik Staklinch
Bismarck Hoxillian
Nix H
Emb3r Genus

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