Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Operation jumpgate's basic details...

YC 112.09.14 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

The Merlin is the most powerful all-out combat frigate of the Caldari.

This will be the description you will find on the market describing the Merlin Frigate Class ship of the Caldari State and Rogue Raiders first Basic Military Exercise intends to prove it.

Admiral Spade and Officer Genus walked in to the office. The Admiral looking very sexy in his full military uniform and the officer standing next to him was quiet but surprisingly charming.

"Good morning Admiral!"
I saluted. "And you too Aerin. Is Ratz in? I would like to speak to him if he's free?" Rick responded. "He is sir! Is Officer Emb3r be joining you as well?" I nervously asked. The Admiral gave a light nod, walked in and sat down. I made the Commander aware of the Admiral's arrival and we all walked inside the conference room.

We all discussed Operation Jumpgate's basic details for about an hour regarding which type of frigates to use, where and how it will be carried out.

When the meeting was ended 8,000,000.00 ISK was wired into officer Emb3r's account to produce these frigates as the Merlin was selected by the Admiral to be the primary choice for the combat exercise.

All that remains now is the complete list of the pilots participating in this exercise and when.

I was given a deadline to produce the full list by the end of tomorrow before announcing the Operation's last few details.

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