Monday, 13 September 2010

Debts and taxes...

YC 112.09.13 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

If you've ever visited our temporary office in Unpas VIII - Moon 11 - Prompt Delivery station you will agree that this place is in dire need of some refurbishments. It's already rusted walls are also filled with vandals and all sorts of stains I can only assume came from it's previous residents.

As I sat here admiring the sweet and very funky look of my office going through all the office rental bills, recruitment transmission fees and even future projects and proposals I began to wonder...

We can no longer rely on member donations. As our Corporation grow bigger so does our debts and operational cost. How are we to fund these regular Military Exercises and or future projects? How are we to help our own members if we haven't any means of income ourselves?

So many questions but only one solution. Taxes.

I therefore wrote a formal letter asking our Commander and Officers to approve a 5.0% Corporate tax and be impose immediately before we run in to some serious debts and financial troubles.

With reasonable funds and constant flow of income we can guarantee that our Corporation stays financially stable, highly active and able to provide support when needed.

Everything has a price. Everything is our goal.

Notes: Default tax for NPC Corporations are set to 11.0%. Ours is 5.0%.

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