Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Temporary Rogue Raiders Office...

YC 112.09.08 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

It's been a good week for Rogue Raiders Corporation. Our numbers quickly grew and we have also received donations from a number of pilots to help our cause. The funds we had received has enabled us to setup a temporary office and headquarters in the system of Unpas.

After a short and brief discussion with the station manager of Prompt Delivery Corporation a contract was successfully signed to allow us to use one of their available hangars at Unpas VIII - Moon 11. The rental fee was agreed at 10,000.00 ISK per 30 days of use.

Our corporation hangar is now open to any member who wants to donate old modules or ships they no longer use to help out some of our newer pilots.

Thank you all very much for your patience and co-operation!

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