Wednesday, 15 September 2010

It is ready...

YC 112.09.15 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

This evening I recieved a confirmation from Officer Genus that the Merlin Frigates are now ready for transport to the system where Operation Jumpgate will take place...

"Good evening Aerin, the Merlins are now ready and awaiting collection." Emb3r happily reported. "Excellent! The Admiral will undoubtly be pleased!" I replied. Orders were then sent to our able pilots to begin transporting the ships.

Scyth Darkhope, Boguz Roguemage and Samhan Death2 responded swiftly to help with moving the ships to the system of Senda.

Upon arriving in Umokka where the ships are being kept, one of the pilot tasked to help with the move noticed something. "I'd like to lodge a formal complaint. The Merlins windows are dirty and I can't see fudge all!" Samhan commented after boarding one of the Merlin ship. Officer Genus quickly reprimanded one of his production assistant and ordered Sam's Merlin be cleaned to his standard.

All frigates arrived successfully and preparations are now in order for the combat exercise.

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