Thursday, 16 September 2010

Senda solarsystem...

YC 112.09.15 | By Aerin Schneider | Public Relations Director

The temperate planet of Senda V located in the Senda solarsystem, Anttanen Constellation in The Forge region will play host to our first ever Rogue Raiders basic military exercise called Operation Jumpgate.

Authorization to carry out Rogue Raiders combat maneuvers was requested Monday the 13th and after clearing all neccessary documents and security checks was today approved by Concord.

Admiral Spade had also instructed a few military personnel to begin planning their safe routes to the system for the exercise.

The date and time for Operation Jumpgate had also been set to commence at 22:00EST (EVE Standard Time) Saturday the 18th YC 112. All Rogue Raiders combat pilots participants are requested to begin transporting their weapons and modules to State War Academy station in the Senda solarsystem.

Aerin Schneiner will announce further details via corporation mail and bookmarks will be provided between 21.00-21.30Hrs on the day.

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